10 Beginner Blogger Mistakes You Must Beware Of

By | September 23, 2019
 Beginner Blogger Mistakes You Must Beware of 10 Beginner Blogger Mistakes You Must Beware of

things you should know as a beginner blogger, just look right “. Not a big mistake.  Only small mistakes that should be avoided so that we get the maximum when blogging.

 Make this error your experience so you don’t follow the same mistakes.  Here are 10 beginner blogger mistakes that I have made:

 1. Edit the Template or Theme often

 I still remember my first theme when blogging.  If I’m not mistaken the theme was made by Andreas Viklund.  I forget the name.

 As a beginner blogger I edit the theme in such a way.  Making changes here and there hoping to impress visitors with what I’m doing.

 But it did not work as it should.  There’s always something missing.  I have never found the perfect word for a display.  So, I keep modifying it every time I find a flaw in the theme.

 After a lot of time wasted, I began to realize that I would never really find the perfect theme.  That’s because human nature is never satisfied.

 After that experience, I never again fiddled with the theme.  All themes have been made in such a way by the great Desaigner.  Even though I always meet shortcomings in the design of the theme, I no longer feel uncomfortable.

 For me the theme is not very important.  Because no matter how bad the theme I use, visitors will still read my writing.  In this case the content jargon is the king really works.

 2. Writing for Search Engines

 One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made as a beginner blogger is writing solely for search engines.

 I deliberately did not edit it so that it can always remind me of these mistakes.  You can find the writing on this blog.  The title is 15 writing tips for beginners.  Do you know … I hate the writing.

 To build a quality blog, articles like that will not bring visitors.  Visitors are getting smarter every day to select what they will read.  Bad writing is not included in their reading list.

 Therefore, write to visitors first.  Number two search engine.  If you comply with these rules, you will get maximum results.

 3. Fear of New Ideas

 The next beginner blogger mistake is to be afraid of new ideas.  I feel inferior about new ideas.

 Never occurred to want to discuss the topic of SEO in detail.  Starting from understanding what SEO is to topics such as SEO techniques that are often used.

 I feel pessimistic.  This will not work.  And in the end the project was never carried out.  This is something silly to write down.

 Today, as I write this article, I am excited again to make a complete SEO guide.  Good luck.

 4. Too Much Reading But Lack of Practice

 Who doesn’t want to be an expert in the field of blogging?  All bloggers want to know all things related to blogging.  Starting from how to write articles that Google likes to get quality backlinks.

 I continue to read information relating to blogging almost every day.  My head is filled with crazy ideas.  New approaches.  Unfortunately, I am afraid to practice it.

 There is a feeling of failure that often descends.  My head is full of questions what if the tutorial is just a lie?  Or what if I run the tutorial but it ends in failure?

 All my knowledge about blogging is in vain.  I began to fix myself and slowly dared to try.  So far everything has gone as it should.  Although it’s not something big, but I am very happy to sit first in the search engine.

 SEO lies are my second practice in terms of SEO.  So far I feel satisfied.  Now I dare to experiment.  I am no longer afraid of applying what I read.

 5. Breaking the Precepts

 In blogging there are also taboos.  Bad things will happen if you break the taboo.

 As a novice blogger who is no longer afraid of revealing new things, I’m willing to bet that you will agree with me about these restrictions.  I fed it to you.  Please read 10. Don’t for beginner bloggers.

 Don’t make the mistake of breaking the rule or you will regret it.  Please try if you do not believe.

 6. Lack of Knowledge

 This is a simple mistake.  Namely do not have qualified knowledge to discuss a topic.

 In the past, I who was a beginner often wrote something that I had never mastered.  It’s easy to guess that I failed.

 The good news is that I have changed.  I spend more time reading many articles before actually writing them.  You will not believe how easy I am to write if you have qualified knowledge.

 In writing, you must have a lot of knowledge to be able to freely convey certain goals and objectives.  Extensive knowledge will be able to sustain all forms of your ideas.  Even the craziest ones.

 7. Impatient

 Regarding blogging, the best recipe for success is patience.  You can’t get instant results no matter how hard you try.

 Several times I couldn’t wait to find out if my SEO experiment was successful or not.  I can not wait and almost just made another article with the keyword “how to create quality content”.  Good thing I didn’t do it.

 Sometimes we stop when we are almost successful.  Do not be discouraged.  Blog with joy.  Be patient to get the results.  Because in this world the law of reciprocity applies.  If you persevere in blogging, one day you will succeed.  No less and no more.

 8. Not Learning SEO

 Small error.  Not fatal.  This only relates to your blogging goals.  If you only make the blog as a place to talk, you don’t need SEO.

 But that does not apply to me.  Sometimes there is a desire to make this blog crowded.  In the past, I did not know how to bring visitors.  I am really annoyed.  Until finally I learned self-taught SEO.  The result, now my blog has gotten more than 1000 visitors in the last few months.  That’s because of SEO.

 If you feel you don’t know SEO is a mistake, then there is no harm in starting to learn SEO.

 9. Rarely Update Articles (Inconsistent)

 Some bloggers start blogging with confidence.  They are diligent in updating the article.  Some even update the article 5 times a day.

 But what happened next was really alarming.  I began to be lazy to write.  No inspiration.

 Several times I had thought to stop blogging.  But thankfully that didn’t happen.  For now, I really enjoy the blogging process.  I am so enthusiastic to write and read every day.  Really fun.

 For those of you who have difficulty updating the article every day, tips for consistent updates every day will help you a lot.

 10. Blogging Without Purpose

 Initially I only blogged to channel my hobby of writing.  I have no clear purpose.  Practically, there is nothing I do except writing.

 Am I satisfied with the situation like that?  Honestly not.  Over time, my blogging experience increased.  I want to have 100 traffic per day.  Then I began to dare to express my purpose blogging.  I wrote down the goal so that one day I achieved it.  See blogging 201 is quite interesting.  I write the purpose of blogging in the short term.

 By writing the purpose of blogging, we will focus on achieving it.  And a certain achievement will make you more excited than before.

 That’s my 10 mistakes as a beginner blogger.  Have you ever made a mistake?

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