6 Tips For Increasing Your WordPress Seo Opportunities

By | Oktober 17, 2019
 Tips for Increasing Your WordPress SEO Opportunities 6 Tips for Increasing Your WordPress SEO Opportunities

mhoyok.site-Who doesn’t want his website to be ranked first in Google?  Apart from being the identity of a store, company, or person, the website also has the function to bring in as many customers as possible.  The goal is to obtain multiple benefits.  Now, to reach that goal, you must know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is.  This is a way for you to fight with other websites.

 The history of SEO varies.  You might have known Yahoo, but now the search engine platform battle has narrowed to Bing and Google.  However, currently the biggest producer of traffic is of course Google.  So, in this article we will discuss about Google.  In other words, the focus of SEO this time is about Google.

 Google is one of the best search engines.  At least 90% of the traffic on the website goes to your website.  Besides focusing on Google’s search engine, we will discuss on the WordPress platform.  In addition to easy editing, you can also choose themes that are suitable and mobile friendly.  Here will be discussed six tips as a way to increase SEO opportunities on WordPress.  Listen here, yes.

 Focus into content
 The first tip that will be discussed is content.  Now try to imagine if you have a website, but you have very little content.  Of course Google’s algorithm will be difficult to read your website.  Now try to compare if you have hundreds of articles, of course that’s a very good thing.

 Next how to use or create content?  There are several ways you can do.  The first is to make long and short form articles.  Long forms are articles with more than a thousand words.  Not only that, this long form article can also be named as an article that focuses on SEO.

 Why is that?  Because long articles are very well-liked by Google’s algorithm.  The logic taken by Google is an article that has more than a thousand words, then Google will read the article like a journal.  When compared with ordinary articles, journals will certainly be more technical and more complete.  So, for those of you who are beginners in content matters, focus on the long form article.

 Next is a short form article, or a short article of less than 500 words.  The difference from short form articles is usually based on social focus, the goal is that articles can be shared on social media.  Before moving on to the next point, now consider what you can do to look for keywords.  Here it is some of them.

 6 WordPress SEO Tips
 There are a few tips you can do to optimize your website, including:

 Find what your website is focused on
 Do not immediately feel intimidated when you see other websites that have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of traffic.  Focus on what you want to get.  For example, say you have a shoe washing service.  Of course you don’t need to bother working on articles about “selling shoes”.

 See competitors
 Next is you have to see competitors.  Out there, you are certainly not alone in opening a shoe washing service.  So, make a list of competitors and how they bring visitors.  Did they come because of social media?  Or article?  If it is from an article, see what keywords enter from there.

 Take advantage of Google Analytics
 Google Analytics is everyone’s SEO friend.  The main function of Google Analytics is to see the traffic coming into your website.  For example, you have been running a website for six months, then the traffic that enters the website is not very good.  You can see the website performance from Google Analytics, whether the keywords you have written before are successful or not.

 Next is to do a Google Analytics evaluation once every three months.  So, before you make a monthly strategy, you must see the results from Google Analytics.  Our advice is that you should focus on long form articles with a ratio reaching 70-30.  After you have done it for more than a year, you can change the ratio, which is 50-50 or even 40-60 more short forms.

 The next tip for Google Analytics is to focus on the most viewed or shared articles.  From this article, you can see that these keywords must be written more.

 Your website must be mobile friendly
 In 2018, Google has begun announcing that websites need to be more mobile-friendly.  Even Google will prioritize websites that are mobile-friendly and lightweight when opened.  Now Google also has the Mobile Page Accelerator feature, this is a feature that makes a website lighter than before.  Even the images on the AMP website can be opened after visitors scroll.

 For WordPress users, you don’t need to worry because there are so many themes or plugins that can change your website more mobile-friendly.  Starting from Yoast SEO plugins and All in One SEO Pack, you can change your website’s mobile-friendly faster.

 Use incoming and outgoing links
 The next tip is that you can use incoming and outgoing links.  The point is you can embed the source link in the article.  So, when clicked on, the link will take you to the website where the article was written.  Even if possible, you can also include at least 3-4 links in the article whose number reaches one thousand.  If your article has a word count of just under five hundred, you only need to enter one link.  Logically, articles that have a reference source are good articles.

 Furthermore, for outgoing links is an effort that you can do so that your website has referrals.  Some ways you can do to get outgoing links are to enter the forums, then some Q&A websites like Quora, and place the share button on the website.

 Using advertisements
 Finally, you can use advertisements.  Maybe you and your team have tried hard to increase website traffic through SEO WordPress organically.  However, unfortunately you never get the desired results.  This is where you can consider using advertisements, namely through Google AdWords.

 You can use Google AdWords to increase traffic which functions very well for SEO.  However, you must prepare enough budget for Google AdWords.  For the first, you can use a budget of Rp. 500,000 for two months.  If indeed traffic really goes up and affects sales, of course you can increase your budget again.

 Increasing WordPress-based website traffic is indeed quite challenging, but it is absolutely not impossible to do.  The six WordPress SEO tips above you can try to apply.  If you are still hesitant to apply SEO techniques alone without the help of people who are proficient in the field of SEO, you can find a trusted and professional SEO consultant so that you can help you to optimize your website in terms of SEO.  Good luck and good luck!

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